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Visualising Psychotropic Medicine (VPM)

Presenting what can be a complex set of data in a useful and engaging way
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Fundamentals of Clinical Psychopharmacology

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Neuroscience-based Nomenclature (NbN) for JoP

Journal of Psychopharmacology chosen to trial new NbN
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Not all in the mind – the contribution of brain science to modern psychiatry

Watch Prof David Nutt's lecture in Manchester on YouTube
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Leslie L Iversen (1937-2020)

We were very sorry to learn of the death of Les Iversen and are grateful to Trevor Robbins, past-President of BAP, for this obituary.

Leslie Iversen was one of the most distinguished of what was an outstanding generation of U.K. neuropharmacologists. He excelled in every sphere, in intra-mural basic neuroscientific research of the MRC, in heading an important UK drug discovery unit for a major pharmaceutical company (Merck), in academic scholarship (at Oxford University), in a consultant capacity for both Biotech and academia, and in government policy, via the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs Committee, which he chaired with characteristic calm, élan and intellectual distinction.

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Cognition in schizophrenia: a missing piece of the therapeutic puzzle
By Jessica Brown
Posted on 3rd March 2020

What kind of mental image springs to mind upon reading the word ‘schizophrenia’? Many envisage an individual locked in a dark institution, constantly plagued by non-existent voices and vivid hallucinations. Even as a final year BSc Biology student with a neuroscience research placement under my belt, I too was guilty of this reflex association. Upon […]

Nocturnal light exposure and mood disorders
By Antonio Gonzalez
Posted on 9th December 2019

Milan, Italy in 2015Introduction For millions of years prior to the widespread use of electricity, humans were exposed to minimal amounts of nocturnal light in comparison to modern times. During clear starry nights, light exposure was limited to around 0.001 lux, and no artificial light sources existed until the use of fire, an ability that is estimated to […]

Deciphering the biology behind psychiatric risk genes
By Simon Trent
Posted on 12th November 2019

Genetic studies that scan the genomes of psychiatric patients are becoming increasingly good at identifying ‘risk genes’ associated with disorders such as schizophrenia, autism and intellectual disability. However, we still know very little about the biological actions and pathways that are being genetically encoded within these risk genes. Understanding the biology behind the vulnerability to […]

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Mitul Mehta
How brain scanners can help us revolutionise psychiatric drugs
Mitul is interviewed by New Scientest on finding new ways to treat psychiatric and neurological conditions.
10th June 2020

Stephen Lawrie
Being Gail Porter
Stephen consulted to the producers and interviewed Gail for this BBC documentary as part of its mental health series.
18th May 2020

Andrew Mayers
The Science of Dad
Andrew featured in the BBC Radio 4 documentary on ‘new fathers’, speaking about the impact on their mental health.
27th March 2020

Barbara Sahakian and Muzaffer Kaser
How chronic stress changes the brain – and what you can do to reverse the damage
Barbara and Muzaffer with colleague Christelle Langley, wrote an article for The Conversation about how stress can cause physical and psychological problems.
11th March 2020

Chandni Hindocha
Huffpost: Are CBD Health Benefits Too Good To Be True?
Chandni talks about the health benefits of CBD
18th February 2020

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Leslie L Iversen (1937-2020)
10th August 2020

We were very sorry to learn of the death of Les Iversen and are grateful to Trevor Robbins, past-President of BAP, for this obituary.
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NICE Guideline on Depression in Adults (update) - Committee recruitment
4th August 2020

NICE are recruiting committee members for their updated guideline on Depression in adults
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Lithium in drinking water linked with lower suicide rates
28th July 2020

Naturally occurring lithium in public drinking water may have an anti-suicidal effect
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BAP/Psychiatry Consortium Drug Discovery Session
27th July 2020

The joint BAP / PC Drug Discovery Session is now available to view online
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Psychopharmacology is the study of drugs that affect mood, behaviour and cognition. It aims to develop our understanding of the actions and effects of such drugs, which may include treatments for psychiatric disorders as well as substances that can be abused.