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BAP Public Communication Prizes

The BAP Public Communication Prizes are awarded annually to reward excellence in both clinical and non-clinical science communication to the public in the area of psychopharmacology.

We are pleased to announce that the winners of this year's BAP Public Communication Prizes are:
Judith Pratt (University of Strathclyde) Senior
"I look forward to the BAP meeting every year for its ability to bring together scientific advances in preclinical and clinical research, and of course the social aspects. This year was no exception. I particular enjoyed hearing about progress on early intervention studies and on neuroinflammation. Both topics synergised well with the preclinical research being presented on genetic and environmental risk factors in preclinical models"

  • Planetarium, Glasgow Science Centre: Neurodome: Exploring the inner workings of the brain and mental health
  • Glasgow Planetarium: ‘Neurodome and ‘A Beautiful Mind’ – A UK Premier
  • Glasgow Science Centre-‘Science Lates’ at the Planetarium (June 2017)
  • Glasgow Science Centre, Planetarium - ‘Question of Perception’ series (Oct 2017)

The Neurodome events at the Glasgow planetarium were published in the BAP Newsletter in Dec 2017.

Antonio Gonzalez (University of Bath) Junior

2018 winner(s)

2018 Winners: Judith Pratt and Antonio Gonzalez (not at dinner)
2018 Winners: Judith Pratt and Antonio Gonzalez (not at dinner)

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