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  • The most comprehensive coverage of psychopharmacology, from generic principles to the treatment of specific conditions, of any of the BAP educational initiatives.
  • The resource is as systematic and comprehensive as a textbook, but broader than most, and has the advantage of continually being updated as and when necessary.
  • The resource complements and supplements BAP face to face meetings – Masterclasses and Certificate modules – and the Fundamentals of Clinical Psychopharmacology textbook


Published Paper Reviews

Psychopharmacology is a fascinating subject that is constantly being enriched by new findings that are of potential benefit to the patients we treat. However, keeping up to date with all of these findings is a near impossible job. BAP is therefore pleased to help with this. Primarily in collaboration with Dr Chittaranjan Andrade, Professor in the Department of Psychopharmacology at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (Deemed University), Bangalore, India, the BAP on-line CPD provides a repository of summaries and conclusions from recent publications related to psychopharmacology. This repository can be scanned for recent entries to stay up to date. Additionally it can be searched for summaries of publications related to particular disorders or treatments as a way of checking for new information that may be particularly relevance to a specific patient you have in mind.

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No Psychiatry without Psychopharmacology

Paul J. Harrison, David S. Baldwin, Thomas R. E. Barnes, Tom Burns, Klaus P. Ebmeier, I. Nicol Ferrier and David J. Nutt

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Published in BJPsych 2011, 199:263:265


Welcome to this online Continuing Professional Development resource produced by the British Association for Psychopharmacology (BAP). While the resource is aimed at fully qualified psychiatrists, it will also be of interest to doctors working in primary care with a special interest in Psychiatry as well as Mental Health Pharmacists and any other practitioner with responsibility for prescribing psychotropic medication.

The resource builds upon the excellent reputation the BAP has for provision of high quality education in Psychopharmacology. The material is presented by acknowledged experts and opinion leaders in their respective fields. Most have been involved in the production of national clinical guidelines and are up to date with regard to developments in the field. While all presenters work in the UK, the material will also be relevant prescribing of psychotropic medication in most other countries. At the BAP we believe that sound clinical psychopharmacology is based upon a sound knowledge of the underlying pharmacology and physiology. As a result most modules commence with a presentation related to basic pharmacology.

This resource is constantly being updated. If you have any suggestions or comments, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to address them.

This online resource is not sponsored by any company, including any from the pharmaceutical industry. The views expressed are those of the presenters and not necessarily the views of the BAP. Individual Declarations of Interest are available in the Supporting Documents at the bottom of each topic.


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