Certificate in Non-Clinical Psychopharmacology

Date: Sunday 8th March 2020 – Thursday 12th March 2020
Venue: The Royal Cambridge Hotel, CB2 1PY
Accommodation: The Royal Cambridge Hotel, CB2 1PY
Organised by: Sarah Bailey, Elizabeth Tunbridge and Mitul Mehta


Sunday 8 March
18:30–19:30 Introduction to course
  • Personal introductions
  • Allocation to project teams
  • Ice breaking exercise

19:30–22:00 Dinner and After Dinner Talk
Professor Kevin Fone (Nottingham)
Monday 9 March
08:20–08:30 Outline of Monday’s programme
08:30–09:45 The Molecular Biology of the Mind I
  • Introductions to Genomics, Proteomics and Epigenetics

Professor Paul Harrison (Oxford)
09:45–10:00 Morning Break
10:00–11:45 The Molecular Biology of the Mind II
  • Implications for Diagnosis, Pharmacology and Drug Discovery

Professor Liz Tunbridge (Oxford)
11:45–12:00 Q & A
12:00–13:00 Lunch
13:00–15:00 Statistics and Experimental Design Intro and Q & A
  • Statistics in experimental design
  • Statistical methods

Dr Simon Bate (GSK)
15:00–15:30 Afternoon Break
15:30–17:00 Clinical Neuroscience Q & A
  • Key concepts of diagnosis and treatment with a major exemplar category of mood disorders
  • Introduction to symptom-based approaches to treatment and biomarker based methods for discovery

Professor Carmine Pariante (London)
17:15–19:15 Project Session 1
  • Drug Hunting – introduction

19:30–22:00 Dinner / Free Evening
Tuesday 10 March
08:20–08:30 Outline of Tuesday’s programme
08:30–10:30 Pharmacokinetics (PK)
  • Introduction to PK
  • PK-PD modelling

Dr Kevin Read (Dundee) and Dr Ola Epemolu (Dundee)
10:30–11:00 Morning Break
11:00–12:00 Pharmacokinetics (PK)
  • Implications for Diagnosis, Pharmacology and Drug Discovery

Dr Kevin Read (Dundee) and Dr Ola Epemolu (Dundee)
12:00–13:30 Lunch/Project Session 2
  • Drug-Hunting Project development

13:30–16:00 Behavioural psychopharmacology
  • Practical approaches to behavioural pharmacology
  • What is an animal model?

Dr Sarah Bailey (Bath) and Dr Maddy King (Nottingham)
16:00–18:00 Afternoon Break
18:00–19:30 Project Session 3
  • Drug-Hunting Project development

19:30–22:00 Dinner and After Dinner Talk
Professor John Atack (Cardiff)
Wednesday 11 March
08:20–08:30 Outline of Wednesday’s programme
08:30–09:30 Project Session 4
09:30–10:30 Human preclinical development: human PET & MRI
  • Introduction to imaging methods PET, fMRI, MEG, EEG
  • Multimodal imaging

Professor Mitul Mehta (London)
10:30–11:00 Morning Break
11:00–13:00 Translational Neuroimaging–Drug Development and the Interpretation of Neuroimaging Results
  • Implications for Diagnosis, Pharmacology and Drug Discovery, fMRI and depression

Dr Michael Browning (Oxford)
11:00–13:00 Molecular imaging
  • Use of molecular imaging in biomarker discovery and experimental medicine

Dr Anthony Vernon (London)
13:00–13:45 Lunch
13:45–16:15 Combining Neurobiology and Behaviour
  • Physiology and behaviour
  • Neurochemistry and behaviour –microdialysis, FCV, optogenetics Neuropharmacology and behaviour
Break at 15:15–15:30
Professor Jeff Dalley (Cambridge) and Dr Hannah Clarke (Cambridge)
16:15–16:30 Afternoon Break/Set up
16:30–18:30 Project discussion and presentation
Sub-groups of Attendees present and discuss Project set on Day 1
19:30–22:00 Dinner and Certificates at Queens’ College
Thursday 12 March
09:00–12:00 Tours of local labs
Option 1) Behavioural neuroscience lab in Cambridge University, Downing Site
Option 2) Clinical/preclinical imaging facility at Addenbrooke's Hospital
Professor Jeff Dalley (Cambridge)

Last edited 24th April 2020

"It was a really enjoyable course. I got a lot out of it, it was very stimulating to the mind, and we got to meet a lot of people very important in the field of psychopharmacology"

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