Media Activity

Media Activity

Below are the latest media and public engagement activities of BAP members:

Stephen Lawrie
Royal Society of Edinburgh - Curious - Health and Wellbeing Panel
Stephen was among a panel of experts discussing the mental health impacts of a pandemic
26th August 2020

Barbara Sahakian
Coronavirus: the pandemic is changing our brains – here are the remedies
Barbara co-wrote an article for The Conversation about how the pandemic is changing our brains
14th August 2020

Amy Milton
TED: Can we edit memories?
Amy's TEDx Cambridge University talk on editing memories was feature on TED. Covered by Dave Hodgson on Talk Radio Europe and Newstalk - Futureproof
1st August 2020

Jo Neill
Psilocybin Re-scheduling
Jo has been busy this summer co-authoring the report on medicinal use of psilocybin. Covered in The Guardian, Health Europa, and interviewed by Sky News and MyPov. Sign Send and Subscribe Campaign (CDPRG)
27th July 2020

Anya Borissova
LSD: can psychedelics treat mental illness?
Anya wrote a blog for the Mental Elf website about the therapeutic effects of LSD
9th July 2020

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