Media Activity

Media Activity

Below are the latest media and public engagement activities of BAP members:

Val Curran
A framework for a regulated market for cannabis in the UK: Recommendations from an expert panel
Professor Val Curran was interviewed by World at One on the release of the framework for a regulated market for cannabis in the UK
12th May 2017

Tom Freeman
Can we make cannabis safer?
Tom and co-author Amir talk to Editor Niall Boyce about cannabis harm reduction
1st March 2017

Ciara McCabe
The Emotional Brain: The 14th Oxford Brain Day
Ciara speaks about her work on depression and antidepressants treatments for Oxford Brain Day
25th February 2017

Carmine Pariante
Antidepressants may not be perfect, but they DO save lives
Carmine writes for the Daily Mail showing how, when used correctly, antidepressants do work
21st February 2017

Andrew Mayers
Unexpected deaths of mental health patients in Dorset up 50% in three years
Andrew is interviewed by Bournemouth Echo about increases in unexpected deaths related to mental health
16th February 2017

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