Media Activity

Media Activity

Below are the latest media and public engagement activities of BAP members:

Christina Carlisi
Associations between life-course-persistent antisocial behaviour and brain structure in a population-representative longitudinal birth cohort
Christina and colleagues released a paper showing associations between anti-social behaviour and brain structure. Covered in The Guardian, BBC News Health, BBC Radio Today and BBC Radio The Newsroom
17th February 2020

Hip Hop Psych
BBC Sounds: The Cultural Frontline
Akeem and Becky were interviewed by the BBC World Service on Tina Daheley s The Cultural Frontline show covering mental health and hiphop
15th February 2020

Steven Marwaha
Finding solutions for treatment-resistant depression
Steven responds to a recent NICE guideline consultation which does not recommend Esketamine for patients with TRD
13th February 2020

Courtney Worrell
Inspire the Mind - Transforming the future of Clinical Trials - A brand new platform
Courtney wrote a blog for Inspire the Mind about EU-PEARL, a new project aiming to shape the future of drug development
10th February 2020

Camilla Nord
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire - Naked Scientists
Camilla was part of a panel of scientists answering audience questions about mental health disorders, brain imaging, the effect of head injuries on brains, and other neuroscience/psychiatry topics
2nd February 2020