Media Activity

Media Activity

Below are the latest media and public engagement activities of BAP members:

Stephen Lawrie
Film and Mental Illness
Stephen Lawrie, Chair of Psychiatry and Neuro-Imaging and Head of the Division of Psychiatry at the University of Edinburgh, talks about the portrayal of mental illnesses on film
21st January 2019

Mitul Mehta
MDMA Increases Cooperation and Recruitment of Social Brain Areas When Playing Trustworthy Players in an Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
Mitul and his team found that participants on MDMA were more willing to cooperate than those given the placebo. Covered by: Live Science, Wired, Vice (German), IFL Science, CTV News.
9th January 2019

Ciara McCabe
Standing up for Science Workshop: Wellcome Collection Sense about Science
Ciara was on the science panel at the Standing up for Science Workshop at the Wellcome Collection in London giving advice to young scientists about how to interact with the media to aid accurate reporting of research findings
14th November 2018

Barbara Sahakian
Brain training app helps reduce OCD symptoms
A ‘brain training’ app developed at the University of Cambridge could help people who suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) manage their symptoms, which may typically include excessive handwashing and contamination fears.
23rd October 2018

Hip Hop Psych (Akeem Sule and Becky Inkster)
Thrive Edinburgh
Hip Hop Psych supported by The State at the City Art Centre in Edinburgh as part of Thrive Edinburgh
7th September 2018