Media Activity

Media Activity

Below are the latest media and public engagement activities of BAP members:

Anne Lingford-Hughes
BBC Radio 4 Inside Health: Glucosamine for osteoarthritis; Alcohol addiction; Gut instinct
Anne Lingford-Hughes discusses how drug treatments for alcohol addition work.
11th February 2014

Ciara McCabe
BBC Radio Berkshire with Tony Blackburn
Ciara discusses her latest study on reward MRI and Depression.
10th February 2014

Alan Hudson and Katherine Aitchison
Ecstasy, legal highs and designer drug use: A Canadian perspective
New scientific paper finds link between ‘ecstasy’ deaths in the UK and Canada. - Drug Science, Policy and Law
10th February 2014

Matt Field
Dry January
Expert Advisor for Alcohol Concern's 'Dry January campaign'. Covered by: Telegraph and Mens Health
21st January 2014

Ciara McCabe
Channel 4 Dispatches: Are you Addicted to Sugar?
20th January 2014