Media Activity

Media Activity

Below are the latest media and public engagement activities of BAP members:

Jan Melichar
Glenside Hospital Museum
AWP staff explore some of the history behind modern approaches to mental illness in a short film.
12th January 2014

Catherine Harmer
New Theory of Antidepressants Could Help Predict Patients' Response
Catherine Harmer discusses a unified approach to tackling depression.
19th December 2013

Ciara McCabe
BBC Radio Berkshire with Anne Diamond
Ciara discusses her latest study on reward MRI and Anorexia
11th December 2013

Carl Holvey
SWLS Conference 2013: Lithium App Small Grant
Showcasing the lithium app small grant funded by the SW London System
29th November 2013

Akeem Sule
Hip Hop Psych: Demystifying mental illness with beats and lyrics
21st November 2013