Media Activity

Media Activity

Below are the latest media and public engagement activities of BAP members:

Hip Hop Psych
Welcome to the World of George the Poet
Akeem Sule and Becky Inkster (Hip Hop Psych) interview George the poet on hiphop and mental health
2nd November 2019

Andrew Mayers
5 News Special - Mental Health - Breaking the Silence
Andrew focuses specifically on fathers in a Channel 5 News programme dedicated to men’s mental health.
30th July 2019

Annabel Walsh (MQ IDEA Project)
MQ Open Mind Podcast
Helen Fisher and MQ ambassador John discuss risk for developing depression and the Identifying Depression Early in Adolescence (IDEA) Project.
29th July 2019

Barbara Sahakian
Understanding the infant-parent connection: summary interview
Barbara Sahakian interviews developmental cognitive neuroscientist Dr Victoria Leong about her research with mothers and babies exploring how they naturally synchronise during social interactions, helping babies learn from their mothers.
26th July 2019

Andrew Mayers
New dads and mental health: 'He was my go-to reason for being alive’
Andrew featured in a BBC News story about fathers’ mental health
12th July 2019