Media Activity

Media Activity

Below are the latest media and public engagement activities of BAP members:

Stephen Lawrie
CoDI Show: Why is mental illness so goddam controversial?
Stephen talks about his CoDI show, which explores why he thinks mental illness is needlessly controversial. Also covered in The Lancet
11th August 2018

Andrew Mayers
Postnatal depression in fathers
Andrew spoke to LBC Radio about postnatal depression in men, also covered by The Guardian
10th August 2018

Frank Tarazi
When words fail, music speaks: How music can help children with autism connect
Drs. Samata Sharma and Frank Tarazi from Harvard Medical School wrote an article for the World Economic Forum on the use of music as adjunctive therapy for children with autism
14th June 2018

Ed Bullmore
The Guardian: This revolution in our understanding of depression will be life-transforming
Ed wrote an article for The Guardian about the genetics of depression.
29th April 2018

Antonio Gonzalez
Improving opioid painkillers: can they be made safer?
Antonio (along with Sera Moore, Jade Morgan, and Joe Chadwick) was involved in the development of an informative video on novel, low-abuse analgesics and accompanying questionnaire.
13th April 2018