Media Activity

Media Activity

Below are the latest media and public engagement activities of BAP members:

Liz Tunbridge
TEDx: Would there be mental illness in a utopia?
Liz did a TEDx talk about imagining a world without mental illness
23rd February 2018

Beth Marsh, Lilla Porffy, Will Lawn
The Guardian: Could ketamine help treat alcohol dependence?
Beth, Lilla and Will along with colleague Meryem Grabski wrote an article for the Guardian about alternative interventions for alcohol abuse
5th February 2018

Barbara Sahakian
BBC Radio 5 Live: Microdosing with LSD
Barbara is interviewed by Chris Warburton about microdosing with LSD (from 1.38)
4th January 2018

Barbara Sahakian
Naked Scientist: Smart Drugs: What's the deal?
Barbara was interviewed by Naked Scientist about 'smart drugs'
7th November 2017

Sarah Bailey
New drug shows potential as a different kind of antidepressant in mouse trials
Sarah Bailey and her team have developed a potential new antidepressant and antianxiety treatment with a unique mechanism of action. Covered by My Science, Health Canal, News Medical, Eurekalert, Science Newsline, Health Spectactor, Technology Networks, Inquisitr, Pharmaceutical Processing, Bath Echo, Bel Marra Health, Guildford and Co.
6th November 2017