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New world order: Brexit, drugs and research

Friday, 12th August 2016

Whether you voted remain or leave, the vote to leave the EU ('Brexit') is going to have a major impact for our field and drug regulation. It will affect our ability to attract the best talent from the rest of Europe, our capacity to collaborate internationally, and to access EU science funding. It will also affect the regulation of drugs, much of which is performed at a European level. Moreover, it is inevitable that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will move from the UK. This may have knock-on effects for psychopharmacology as some companies will probably relocate their European headquarters to be near the EMA.

We have an opportunity now to influence the UK Government to ensure the post-Brexit world is the best it can be for the field. With this in mind I recently wrote to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee to raise some of these issues on behalf of the BAP. Please see my letter below. I urge BAP members to take action individually and through their universities and other fora.

Read BAP letter to Nicola Blackwood