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Efficacy and acceptability of antidepressants
Major depressive disorder is one of the most common, burdensome, and costly psychiatric disorders worldwide in adults. Pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments are available. However, because of inadequate resources, antidepressants are used more frequently than psychological interventions. Prescription of these agents should be informed by the best available evidence. Therefore, Cipriani et al aimed to update and expand their previous work to compare and rank the efficacy and acceptability of antidepressants for the acute treatment of adults with unipolar major depressive disorder.
Keywords: meta-analysis, effectiveness, acceptability, tolerability, efficacy

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15th March 2018
Impact of postnatal depression on offspring
Postpartum depression affects 10% of women in high-income countries, with even higher prevalence estimated in low- and middle-income countries. There is limited previous evidence of the impact of postpartum depression on children. Netsi et al. have used ALSPAC, a longitudinal ongoing population-based study examining the overall health of children, to examine the impact of maternal postnatal depression on the subsequent mental health of both mothers and their offspring.
Keywords: Postpartum depression, child development

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22nd February 2018